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All Natural Clean Organic Sources.

Healthy CBD Help with Sleep, Pain, Anxiety and More.

Improving lives for pets and people.

Premium Products. High Potency.

We’re proud to deliver certified organic CBD oil tinctures and dog treats with no artificial colours, solvents, pesticides or preservatives. 100% clean sources. 

Only the best. Only organic. 


The drops have been an amazing help to my sleep at night. I have occasional insomnia but most sleeping products leave me drowsy the next day. CBD doesn’t. I like the 2500 mg bottle, very strong and hard to find. Thanks.
We tried the dog treats for our older pup who has some bad arthritis. After a few weeks, she no longer whimpers when she walks, and seems to sleep very well! She loves the bacon treat, easy! We love the simple delivery right to our house, prices were great! Will try the oil next, thanks again.
The CDB drops are very smooth and tasteless. My back pain is much better and I'm sleeping without pain or waking up throughout the night. This stuff has made a huge difference for me! I really like the stronger bottles you have, can't find those in stores. Better times ahead!
Definitely sleeping better. Thanks.